Saturday, July 24, 2010

Bear in the apple trees

I wish I was a better photographer and these had come out better. It was also dusk and in the dark part of my yard, so it was a no win.
I could hear the tree crashing from my detached office and once I walked out the door I knew what it was, so I got my ladder and got on my main house roof to try and get better photos.

There are two apple trees (at least) right behind my fenced area and behind the main house.
Then I could also hear better once I got on the roof and realized there was more than one so I got back off my roof and sat on the stairs next to the office door. Nim could also hear them vocalizing (it was actually very neat, I have never got to hear that) between each other from his kennel in the house and that was some pretty low barking coming out of him. Rusty on the other hand probably a. couldn't hear them, or b. simply didn't care (doesn't show any house protection). I am sure he just slept through it.

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