Thursday, August 5, 2010

Nim tries out swimming

As promised, Nim got his chance in the water after Rusty's second session. Rusty tried to dig in right on the edge of the tub, but once he was in, he settled much quicker than last time.

Nim was properly overwhelmed. He had an extremely fast front stroke but mostly because I think he wanted to climb out. :) The back-end did so-so trying to keep up: sometimes he used the back legs, sometimes he forget. He had a nice strong hold on Cindy whenever he could which was pretty funny.
Nim also turned 12 weeks on Wednesday (swimming day). He is all legs right now.

The elk also have invaded the yard with their little babies. For the amount of time they spend either eating in my yard or clogging the driveway they are really disagreeable when it comes to holding still for a photo.

The babies are even more difficult to photograph. They stay more in the edges of the woods.

1 comment:

  1. Nim is going to be mistaken for an Elk pretty soon with those legs. Holy Smokes is he ever all legs!