Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Snow and dog torture

The snow never did let up yesterday. Although today it has finally stopped, but it is so cold you feel an instant headache and panic when you are outside.

By morning I had up to a foot in places and a good 8 inches generally. Turns out, Rusty does actually get cold and he doesn't like the current yard conditions one bit. Now that it is so deep he really doesn't slip anymore because instead he is practically swimming it.

Of the photos I got in the early morning - only Rusty's are really for public viewing. Nim looks like I am torturing him in his photos. You can tell Rusty is annoyed and he is looking straight at me so I can understand the words coming out his eyes and ears.

It probably didn't help that I laughed at Nim when he peed because he still couches more and with the snow level he was practically resting on it so he had to keep looking down between his legs.
So later in the morning I put a jacket on Nim and we went out again. Truthfully, even I am not really thrilled to be outside all that long, but I don't need accidents in the house. Besides, Nim needs to condition to be my winter hiking dog.

You will notice that he likes to stand with one leg or another up.

Avoiding all eye contact:


  1. Nim peeing in the snow = a certain almost 3.5 year old on le toilet.

  2. Yes. :) Thankfully, he is now done with the bathroom in the snow standoff.

  3. Really enjoying these pics! Poor puppies!