Wednesday, October 16, 2013


This has been a strange schedule week. I have a workshop I am helping with this coming weekend so I need to get homework and study tasks complete pretty much by Friday. I have also been helping with a wandering neighbor dog for the past couple of days that took time I wasn't anticipating.

To keep Nim and myself sane, we have done a couple of dawn/sunrise hikes this week. It is pretty much the only time activity is happening. Yes, I could hike in the evening, but by evening I am a homebody.

Considering the thick fog at the parking lot level, we still got a beautiful sunrise as we continued up.

Today's tasks also included a Webinar. I swear I live for those...especially if they are interesting. It gives me an hour to just absorb material while knitting.

The back is done on this sweater.

And during the Webinar today I worked on a sleeve. I have so-so hopes I might actually finish this project for this fall/winter. We will see.

For the rest of today I will be working on a study program for volunteer tax prep. To be truthful, the last thing I need is more volunteer work, but this is something I am pretty excited about. If I pass the program I will do volunteer tax work for the AARP.


  1. Glad you and Nim have gotten out for your hikes. Were you able to corral the neighbor dog? The sweater is pretty with those cables. Can't wait to see it done.


    1. Sigh, that poor pup. The first day I picked him, not knowing who he was, and spent an adventure looking for his family that turned out to be two doors down (which is relative considering we all live on acreage). Yesterday he wandered off again. Several of us spent hours searching the woods and out-buildings for him only to find him about 9pm at someone else's house that couldn't figure out where he belongs (I swear Animal Control is such a joke - this dog was tagged and everything). Anyway, this young guy has actually a pretty profound seizure disorder that suddenly seems out of control and contributing to wandering. A lot of my neighbors don't do do yards and this particular dog once disoriented couldn't get home (on Monday he was trying to enter a lower window panel of my house that his mistook for a dog door). I think between Monday and Tuesday's incidents the family is going to be containing him now. I was just sick over him because he is so fragile.

      Thanks about the sweater! I really want to finish it, but having the free time to knit is hard to come by right now. Sam

    2. I should have said a lot don't do "fenced yards"...I have mentioned in the past that dog roaming is a huge problem on my street. This particular guy however can't watch out for himself and can't figure out how to return once he leaves his area.

    3. The owner needs to add a tag with their phone number! I got Smokey one of those snazzy Pet Hub tags that you scan with your smart phone and then it sends me a message that she's been "found" and gives the finder a message about how to contact me as well. If I know in advance that she's missing, I can put info on her profile that they can see immediately. Now, if only I could get her to keep the collar on...LOL

    4. Well a tag would be one of many thing they least I haven't seen the dog this week. Nice to see you though! It has been awhile. I love the smart phone scan option! That is almost enough to make me want to get a smart phone.

  2. I love it first thing in the morning. It's so peaceful. Although I actually do enjoy sleeping past the nighttime.

    I can't believe that about your neighbors poor dog. They really need to take care of him better especially since it has health problems.

    That sweater is great, love the color too!

    Volunteer work could always lead to paid work. Good luck with your workshop!

    1. I love early AM too. Sometimes I wish I could just get enough sleep.

      These neighbors are not great about curbing their dogs in general. Fortunately he hasn't wandered that I know of. Really neat dog!

      That is what I keep hoping with the volunteer work. Something has to work.