Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Warm Wednesday to End April

So today the warm weather came on strong!

Can one tire of the faces of Leela? What the heck does that look mean? Did she forget what the sun felt like or something? Actually, in truth, Emile isn't far off and they have been known to fight for sun spot so perhaps that is her warning (or resignation) face.

By they way, it isn't like she suddenly makes a face when the camera comes out. She actually looks like that and then I go and get the camera.

Moving on...

Nim is easy to read. Sun + Meaty Bone = Happy.

I actually think there are no other thoughts in his head besides that basic equation.

I made the most of the weather and figured out how to work outside. Many of you have seen this umbrella set-up before.

Nim finally either got too hot or he wanted to share his bone with me so he stationed below the picnic table.

Not a bad day for us (except maybe Leela...depending on what she is thinking in that photo).


  1. Another great day to be outside for you. We have your cold and rain.

    1. It has been so nice but we get our cold and rain back on the weekend supposedly. :( Hopefully some warmer spring weather comes for you soon!

  2. It's actually TOO hot in So Cal, but then I'm a wimp when it comes to heat.

    LOVE the animal emotions you capture in the photos! Would be SO fascinating (and amusing) if we could just ask them what they're thinking.


    1. I am guessing it is much warmer for you than it was for me...ever so briefly. Sigh.

      I don't really want to know, but I am sure that Leela would love to tell me.

  3. Oy, what a face on Leela. Looks like you're having some beautiful weather, besides the heat kicking.

    1. It has been nice, but we are back at rain and cold today. :(