Monday, January 4, 2016

January Snow

It snowed most of the night and continues snowing this morning. I know how much my Florida reader cherishes the chilly, snowy details. :)

Nim has the snow sillies. He strongly prefers the snow to the rain.

In other January news I can hardly wait for the X-Files season premier. I already watched "X-Files: Reopened" which was kind of a teaser, behind-the-scenes release.

It's a Monday.


  1. Every dog we have had get the snow sillies the first few times it snows in the season. After a while (each year) it is just old hat.

    We woke up to a few inches (enough for the plow to come) and single digit temps today! Of course as this season goes we will be around 40F by Thursday.

    1. Goodness...had it been single digits Nim would have put on the brakes and retreated back to the house. Hahahaha. You guys are having a weird winter. Now it is hard turned to rain out here of course.

  2. I do! I do love the snow and cold weather updates! I'm sorry, but living here my whole life I just can't help it. It's so pretty.

    Glad you mentioned the X-Files. I need to record it. I enjoyed the original ones when it was on. Hope it holds the same.

    Linda (can't remember my google login) :)

    1. Hi! Yes. I am so excited for the X-files. :) I think if I lived in Florida my entire life I would probably crave the snow and cold too!