Thursday, January 21, 2016

Rose City Classic - Thursday Shows

We were up early again this morning, but once Nim ate, he was back to sleep. I think yesterday was a big day for him.

Today was much shorter for us, and all the photos I took of the event were kind of lame.

So. You just get photos of Nim.

We had one run today: Pre-Novice. Nim is killing me. Somehow we need to work out these ring heeling issues. We are just all over the place. It will be fine, it is just hard when you train something so hard and it doesn't quite come together the way you want for performance. It wasn't pretty but we qualified.

Today we had a lot more down time. We watched other dogs at the show and I walked through all the vendor booths.

The weather has been cold but not raining for the most part so we have done a lot of really long walks which have been lovely.

I went to a place called Proper Eats in North Portland and picked up a great sandwich. It is a neat little grocery and deli.

Tomorrow is our last day here. The show is so big and chaotic on the weekend that I was advised to not register Saturday/Sunday. :)