Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Sunny Fat Tuesday

Hello Fat Tuesday! Remember to eat your pancakes. The sun is shining and I have even have the windows open. Nim wondered what planetary alignment happened that he got both a hike and yard time.

The sun washes the entire photo out and I don't even care. This is that time of year that any sun is good sun.

Nim spent some quality time in the yard after the hike. Chewing his meat bone with his hearts on...looking exceptionally angelic.

Thanks to some bargain shopping a couple of weeks ago I put together my first hanging basket of the season. This is the earliest I have ever tried, but who doesn't need flowers in their life?

I also planted this Gunnera. I would have liked to have waited, but it wasn't the least bit happy in the house. If it can grow a bit and no elk stomp on it, it might be a very cool plant.

I really wanted a knitting project this tax season. It has been a couple of years now since I have done any meaningful knitting. I think I have 2 sweaters, and these socks "in progress." After fighting with the pattern the other night, I decided to completely pull the old sock:

And start an entirely new pattern. I am hopeful.

I hope everyone has a great Fat Tuesday. I have pancakes and X-Files on the agenda in celebration.

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  1. Great post! Although, I am ignorant on the connection between pancakes and Fat Tuesday.