Friday, December 9, 2016

Snow Day

Well. Here is how things were supposed to go: light snow Thursday night, turning to rain. It is currently about 3:30pm on Friday and the snow in North Bend has yet to let up. And there is nothing light about it.

I am actually used to us being outside the forecast, but what caught even me off guard is the lower Cascades (which I live against) have been so terribly windy I don't even think they thought we would get much of the light snow!

Today was a studying day for my finals anyway. So I have sat around and gone out to play on breaks.

I didn't tell him to sit in that photo by the way. He did, sideways, with his eyes closed. Shortly after this photo was taken he took off like a little jumping bean.

Except for not really planning on this much snow, it has been a welcomed change to the wind. It has just been so cold. It is actually warmer right now, even with the snow.

Awww Nim. Your little baby face. :)


  1. Wow! We haven't gotten that much. Mix of rain, snow and sleet all day today. The roads are super icy now. Good luck with the studying. Remember to take a quilting break.

  2. You have more snow than us! The weather peeps keep telling us we are going to get a lake effect event for the past few days and so far it hasn't materialized.

    I think Nim was preparing mentally for some great snow zoomies when he sat in that picture. LOL!

    1. This was an exceptional day for us. The storm warning got extended until about 3am and it just kept snowing and snowing. We have a lot to melt down now.

      Nim did do some running. :) And he loves how the birds hop around out there.