Sunday, March 26, 2017

Signs of Spring (Done with Winter), Cascade Yarns KAL, and Dreaming...

Here we are...WELL into Lent, and I am just so lacking in blog posting for one of my favorite time of year.

One of the kickstarters I wish I mentioned during this season of Lent before it closed is Love Letter for My Children - The Maggie Doyne Documentary.  I have mentioned BlinkNow and Maggie Doyne on more than one occasion and I am looking forward to seeing what they produce.

This winter has simply crushed me. Some of it is the weather, some of it is a series of uncomfortable events all in these past months, and probably (hopefully) some of it is another internal change/growth. The picture above is straw on my Gunnera, which I hope survived the winter. I wonder if this straw covered Gunnera is a slight metaphor for myself right now...a bit dormant with bits of green growing everywhere and something potentially growing deep buried that no one can see yet.

I was extra relieved to see a sign of the Easter Lilies! All the Easter Lilies got completely decimated last year due to a weed wack miscommunication and I greatly worried about them. I felt much better to see them starting to bloom.

The above block is the single block I have completed for the Cascade Yarns KAL. They have released 8 blocks so far. Oh well. Hahaha. I am committed to it, and actually have enjoyed most of the blocks. I think the biggest challenge with this KAL is the various designers. You would think that wouldn't be a problem, unless like me you hate checking your gauge.

The best thing about the KAL is once again I always have a knitting project with me when I leave the house. I am happy to have knitting back in my life that regularly again, even if it is just 15 minutes here and there.

My sewing machine took a month+ holiday in the repair shop and I only recently got it back. I hope it enjoyed its time off. Now I need to catch up on some quilts!

I have some great things coming in the next months which I am looking forward to and dreaming about:

April 15th - Friends of The Trees, Medicinal Herb Growing
April 16th - Easter (Nim will have his cute little Easter neck tie on soon).
April 18th - Tax Deadline (This has been my first year working client entirely on my own. This is a good thing, much as been learned).
May 12th - Beach Vacation!!!

("Spring" Drawn at the Chinese New Year celebration in Bellevue)

3 of us decided about a month ago that we needed a book club. It would allow for beer and wine drinkers to hang together, with their dogs, and knitting. I have occasionally looked for a book club, and have yet to find a good fit.

For our first book we selected "A Man Called Ove." This was before I realized it was a movie. Thanks to the movie I now can pronounce "Ove" correctly. Without giving much away, this is what I will say about this book - only 2 out of 3 of us finished it. The 2 of us that finished it, started it, got to a given point, took a break, and then sucked it up and tried again. It is not a hard read. It is not a long read. It is depressing. Yes it redeems at the end, and I am generally glad I finished it, but it doesn't suck you in for escape (at least not me).

In between quilting today, I will be narrowing down some new book ideas for our group. Happy Sunday in this season of Lent.


  1. Leela wants a book about cats.

  2. That's such a cute block with the squirrels. Glad to hear your machine is back after its month vacation. That's a long time for repair. Did it need a part they couldn't fine?

    1. They did actually have to replace some circuit thing that apparently took awhile to come in. I think the weather we had out here didn't help either. Isn't that block fun?!

  3. Sorry about the Series of Uncomfortable Events, that sounds rough! But yeah, so often discomfort is the gateway to Growth, though why the hell can't we be led with flowers and unicorns and cupcakes through the gates of inspiration and change instead? Sheesh.

    Anyway, love that you remain creative and engaged even during down times, and here's to spring and growth and renewal and all that positive shit we know is on the horizon!

    1. Hi Jan! I know, I am kind of over it. I have to push pretty hard right now to do the things that keep me happy, but I know the balance helps me so much.