Tuesday, February 5, 2019

February Snow!

Just a few days ago, I had Nim out on a walk and actually had to take his jacket off when he got too hot.
02/02/19 - Near some old growth stumps, just before I took off the jacket.

By Sunday afternoon it was snowing, and by Monday morning we were buried. Even living in a part of the state that usually get some snow each year, this was an impressive amount. I haven't had a storm like this in a few years. 

 Nim was thrilled as usual.

This has also been a very cold storm. Thankfully nothing like that mid-west and eastern side of the country, but cold all the same. As this is our first winter heating without the pellet stove, the cats have found new ways to a steady source of heat. Such as my lap.

Or Nim's head.

Today it was icy cold. No more snowing, but also nothing melting. A friend of mine with a younger dog was trying to burn off his energy by throwing treats in the snow. I had forgot that game. Nim was thrilled.

There was the tiniest amount of sun for him to dig and hunt for cookies while I shoveled to try and open some area up. Especially the area by the front door becomes a nightmare in deep snow.

We didn't last long in the cold. :)


  1. We would like you to send some of that snow here please. All our snow from the big storm we had a couple of weeks ago is gone! Now our yard is back to a muddy mess. Enjoy your snow but please send some back here too.

    1. You can have it! Hahahaha. I think your state is better prepared for this. Thankfully I mostly can work from home now, but wow.