Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Crow Legs

I am loving my first applique project. I sometimes have this feeling that years from now I will look back at it and maybe be embarrassed at the stitches, but for the time being it has been really fun to work with. I am trying hard to stick to the skills I was taught in class; but I can tell I am fudging things a bit as well.

Anyway, it made me think of this commercial about crab legs which I looked up on the Internet and of course it is on YouTube. Please tell me people remember: We've Got Crab Legs.

Rescue kitten continues to be a big challenge. He doesn't want to eat on his own, he has a fever, worms and is still healing his broken jaw. He does like hanging out with me when I sew. Even though he is still a bit under the weather I decided to introduce him and the quilting doberman. I don't know that they were thrilled about each other...sort of ambivalent. I think the quilting doberman is just horrified at the thought that rescue kitten might not leave.


  1. It is pretty ridiculous to see the commerical now...but I still laughed at it. I have made good progress on my crow. I should take another photo. I think I should have done the crow legs in gray. Oh well; it is unfortunate that I used a contrast color as my stitches have become a lot more uniform as I have kept going.