Saturday, September 29, 2007

6th Annual Duvall Outdoor Quilt Show

Part of the reason I only saw one Alpaca Farm was because I ended up getting side-tracked in Duvall. The Quilter's Garden in Duvall had mentioned there would be a quilt show in September; but not only did I forget about it, but I didn't realize what a really great show it would be. I love that the Tavern even participated:

It is a really fun, small town event. I am going to actually plan on attending when I have more time next year. According to the Web site; it is the last Saturday in September. The quilts were on display on the local shops on the street. This photo doesn't do this book store justice. It is a really neat building:

Duvall isn't the best location in terms of convenience if you need to leave; but it is a very cute town. I actually really enjoy the Quilter's Garden too; even if I don't get out there very often.

Anyone can submit their quilts and admission to the event is free. There was supposed to be some quilts inside that I wished I had seen; but honestly the street life was distracting enough. There was also a few different raffles going on.

River City Arcade Cafe actually had a really high wall with a lot of quilts on it. Unfortunately I couldn't get back enough for the full effect. There was another building adjacent to it and they had a grass alley between them which later because the spot for a band to set up.

For the Harry Potter fans:

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