Sunday, October 7, 2007

When in doubt, start another project

I had every intention of finishing this one cursed quilt before I started my stocking project. The quilt has been a source of frustration for about 2 years and it isn't even that big. I have learned a lot on this quilt - like what happens when you don't get enough fabric of one color and have to start substituting in other colors. Anyway, while trying to finish the quilting on it this weekend, I broke about 4 needles. SO I got frustrated and started the stocking project.

The nice thing about the stocking project is that it is relatively quick and you get finished results...which is not my strong suit.

As you can see, rescue kitten is improving. He is eating on his own and we are down to 2 of the 4 original medications. His broken jaw is setting up. He is getting VERY into exploring; especially while I sew.


  1. OMG!!! The little pup is soooo sweet! Little fluffer pupper!!!

  2. What a sweet little guy, inspecting your sewing work for you.

    Is that a Pfaff machine?

  3. Yah, he is pretty cute; maybe a little too helpful at times. His favorite thing is my small sewing scissors.

    It is a Pfaff machine. It was my mom's and then when she got a new one I got this one. It has been great to work with and totally reliable. Considering I am not actually great with sewing machines...when they turn on and work; I am happy.