Friday, December 21, 2007

Curse of the baby sweater

FINALLY I finished this baby sweater...about 6 months past birth date. Thankfully, not only does it fit; but it is too big. Pattern is "robin hood jacket" from Zoe Mellor's "adorable knits for tots."

I thought that the worst thing that happened on this sweater was when I ran out of a yarn (Rowan cork is discontinued and I ultimately located it at Fine Points); but no, once I got the hood finished and the buttons bought...then I discovered my larger mistake. I forgot the buttonholes. Specifically I forgot 3 buttonholes. I actually made one of them; fortunately at the bottom of the garment and not in the middle.

SO. After a suggestion from my mom I went the strip o' snaps route and actually, it all turned out very well! I have to thank the particularly helpful woman at Pacific Fabrics for her almost afterthought comment of "I hope you have a zipper foot." I may not be particularly good at using it, but I do have one, and without her saying that I am not sure how long it would have taken me to remember on my own to use it.

You will note the strip of purple (or is that magenta? I believe it is called "very berry") on the hood...that wasn't an artistic decision. I actually ran out of the blue yarn I had ordered.

About 2 hours after the jacket was photographed outside a dark snow storm rolled in and blanketed the yard.


  1. It turned out sooo cute! Ah...I love cabled sweaters! And I think you should tell everyone that the berry stripe on the hood is totally an artistic decision.

  2. I thought about fibbing a bit about the berry stripe. :) It was such a frustrating moment when my skein of blue ran out and the pattern called for a few more rows...I had one of those "what now" moments (little did I know about the buttonholes).

    I love cables too. They are satisfying to make.

    Have a good holiday.