Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Arroyo Burro Beach (Hendry beach), Santa Barbara

I generally visit the same beach in Santa Barbara which prior to this trip I thought was Henry's only I this trip I have now learned it isn't Henry it is Hendry with a "d."

I wanted to know the history behind the local name:

Taken from Stan's Favorites: Top 10 Beaches: "Still called 'Hendry's Beach' by the locals, after the family who used to own the ranch surrounding this wonderful beach (the original ranch house still exists just up the street)."

I usually don't visit on the weekends and apparently never during surfing season (or there are more surfers on the weekends). The beach was crowded.

And now on to my next happy topic - the California Ground Squirrel. So naturally I loved them and it would totally figure that from what I have been reading they are pretty much a nuisance creature.

For supposedly being relatively tame they were disagreeable to photograph and wouldn't stop going into their caves.

I generally don't quote Wikipedia because of some questionable accuracy at times, but I did love the description on how this cute little nuisance deals with its main predators: rattlesnakes.

They are more substantial in size than our non-native gray squirrels and with their little ears and white spots; considerably more attractive.

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