Monday, October 19, 2009

At Home in the Woods

So I have recently inherited my friend's block of the month "At Home in the Woods" kit. Her mom got it for her years ago and she never completed it and doesn't think she will.

I have actually seen part of this kit before. Another friend of mine got just one panel of it and did a wall hanging. It is way out of my range of experience or even something I would generally buy so I am enjoying the challenge of it. I have only done needle-turn applique, this is some tracing and adhesive style and then I have to free motion quilt around all the applique...there will be no witnesses for that part.

First I had to start by just trying to familiarize myself with the kit and try and figure out what she had already done. These photos are of the blocks that she had completed.

I have identified the block she was part way into and that is the one I will complete first I think before I start a new one. It seems to be this "Huckle-Bearies" one. I noticed for example the younger bear doesn't have his nose and when I opened the kit more fabric berries fell out:

Cold weather has come and the battle for the pellet stove has begun. Unfortunately rescue kitten (Emile) has about twice the weight (amazing when you consider the barely surviving waif he was in the beginning). The other day I came in and both Emile and younger kitty (Leela) were sitting on the pellet stove in a show down. Sadly no camera for that one. Fall is here!

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