Friday, May 14, 2010


During the winter, the wrens practically predict the weather for me. I know if they start cramming into the nest (above my only door in and out of the house) that a really cold freeze is coming; and usually within 12 hours of them showing up. A couple of weeks ago however a new resident showed up. I think this one might be a Winter Wren but I am not a birder at all.

Anyway, she lives above my door. And she added some new moss (can you see the flashy addition of green above her head?) so she appears to be staying. I believe wrens are good meat eaters (bugs and spiders) so I am always extra happy to have them around.

I have so much work and stuff going on that I am really not getting much knitting or sewing done, but this current project is a good challenge. It is a Rowan lace scarf pattern. I am actually enjoy the pink of it, even if that isn't much of my favorite color.
This sums up the cats relationship with Pascal (the chinchilla). Pascal and Emile (orange tabby) can hang together like this all day. When Leela (gray tabby) gets on the cage, she has to get off as quickly as possible because Pascal starts trying to get her feet.
Once Rusty is done trying to take my tools and marking the brush piles he usually settles for while I do yard work. I am making the fenced yard more Rusty friendly since it is really his only off-leash opportunity.


  1. Love, love, love the wren photo (and the fresh green moss) - so sweet! The kitties and pasqual are super cute - chinchilla = big! And, Rusty looks quite regal/dapper enjoying the sun.

  2. Pretty lace! Are you on Ravelry yet? My 10 year old was fascinated by the wren's nest!

  3. Well yes, technically I have a Ravelry account (pascal) but I don't actually do anything with it. :) I more use the site occasionally to check out other patterns.

    I am enjoying this lace project, it is funny to feel like I have done a ton of knitting and not got far on it. Definitely requires more concentration from me.

    The wrens are pretty fun. I think they have been with me a couple of years and that is my only door to the house. So I considered taking the nest down because it can actually be challenging to have the little birds above your head, but now I kind of enjoy adapting to it. I am curious to see if I get babies this year - but I haven't seen a mate around this time so we will see.