Saturday, December 18, 2010


As soon as my parents left their house this morning I packed up the dogs and headed over. Today the high schooler, the sister that traveled to Africa and myself decided to decorate their tree and the house. If they read this blog they will know before they get home. Otherwise...

The dogs did a lot of sleeping while the house was decorated. Now in fairness, I got caught up in my knitting and mostly supervised. In fact, I don't think I contributed to the decorating effort at all. The other two sisters did amazing.

Then it was time to take Christmas photos of the dogs in front of the tree (especially since this year I am not doing one myself). This was not without problems. Nim wanted that hat all day long.

Finally we got him.

Then I carried Rusty up two flights of stairs to get his photos done. This week I found out he is 59 pounds (I tried to blame his winter coat but the vet made me weigh him) which is 4 pounds overweight for his weak back-end and now he is on a diet, much to his dismay.

His sit-stay is a problem.

But as always, he eventually pulls it together. :)

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