Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Day brought unseasonably warm weather and no rain.

Mr. "I-had-two-accidents-on-Christmas-Eve" Rusty got a long walk around town.

Rusty is playing with a new puzzle toy in the holiday theme. Since Nim destroyed his other two puzzle toys I think he was exceptionally happy to have a new one.

I got Rusty a Purina Busy Chewnola for later. It is a chew I never would have bought myself, but someone gave it to me as a puppy-welcome gift for Nim and Nim was too young for it. Rusty loves the darn things.

Taking these photos of Nim made me realize that somewhere in the past few weeks he has really started to look like an adult dog.

Nim's puzzle toy is birds in a bird house.

Such beautiful spring-like weather.

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