Thursday, August 4, 2011

Fun photos and videos

Leela and Nim are super tight buddies. He probably puts up with her even better than Odin did and frequently she is all he has to socialize with. Occasionally I will think I need to step in and separate then when they are playing too hard (given the 70 to 10 pound ratio) but she glares at me just as much as he does.

Nim and I did our first Rally Obedience fun match. We entered as novice and were not judged (that I knew of). I believe that when you come on the course with a ton of training aids like me you probably can't really qualify for competition. :) You can see I have my clicker, treats, gentle leader and I am talking like crazy (and yes, the video is sideways):

That was our second run and definitely our best one of the day.

And now for the team I want us to someday be (although we can never be this cute):

I want Nim to flip his finishes that fast. We have much to work on. The doberman in the video is age 7 according to the video so I will cut Nim some slack for now.

Just in time for the upcoming fall we finally got warm weather. Leela and Emile letting their buddas hang out for cooling:


  1. Great videos! Even though my neck is cricked now. :)

    Love the pic of Nim and Leela cuddling.

  2. I think if I lie the screen on its side.....
    It was so cool seeing this! Can't even get to the stepping beside my canine yet!