Friday, October 7, 2011

Knitting projects

My knitting and quilting has come to almost a complete halt between school and dog training. Meanwhile my sister has been ripping through the projects!

Nim is modeling her latest creation that come from someone on Ravelry. He is not entirely sure about it, and unfortunately wasn't entirely done growing.

Naturally it made sense to try it on Rusty next. This involved pinning and much anger on Rusty's part.
Rusty doesn't ever like to wear dog clothing. Rusty does however like cookies.

The leg warmers slowly slid down for an 80's look. He still only cared about the cookies.

Lastly I did actually finish a project of my own. I can't find the original pattern anymore, but I know it was Rowen and that this is a Rowen yarn.

I actually like the pink color. This was supposed to be a Christmas gift for one sister for last year. At least I finished it before this coming Christmas.


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  2. Trying my comment again under the correct name!

    This post made me laugh so hard! I am wondering if the SAR dogs will laugh if Nim shows up in his outfit!

    And what is that piece of tape on Nim's ear in the last picture?

  3. Yes, this has been highly entertaining for everyone. :)

    Nim caught it on something running through the woods and I got sick of it opening up and spraying everywhere. It is much better now.

    The pink scarf photos were taken last month, it has just taken me this long to pull it together and post.

  4. Well, Nim is actually a very good model. He seems to understand the camera and isn't old enough to be mortified ;)