Sunday, December 4, 2011

Merry Early Christmas to Mom!

Christmas came early for my mom in the form to two adorable little sister rescue kittens! She had been keeping an eye on these beauties and they were just finally ready for new homes after their spay.
These two little girls were dropped off at the Puyallup Animal Shelter who then contacted Rescuing Animals In Need (R.A.I.N) of Federal Way to pick them up on Halloween. Denise, the woman who fostered these two was really a great woman.
She clearly does a great job with her foster cats. I was able to meet a couple other of her available for adoption. They all were very content. These little girls are social, pleasant, and affectionate. They are going to be great fun to get to know. Their shelter names are "Giggles" and "China" but those are to be changed.
Once we got them to their new home it was very challenging to photograph them both together.
They were really into exploring and climbing the piano.

Finally with a little food I was able to get a "still" photo of them both together. They have a wonderful and happy life ahead of them and I think my mom is really going to love bonding with them.

Welcome cute little girls! Enjoy Mom! :)

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