Friday, May 2, 2014

Guest Dog Holly

Hooray for Friday!

Before I had accepted my current job, I had agreed to care for senior dog Holly for about three weeks. She arrived last night and will be with us almost all of May.

She spent much of the night on the slate (and that is where she is right now).Once I turned off the house lights she calmed down considerably. It is funny for me to have a dog with a tail. She wags a lot and is constantly hitting things.

When Nim and her first met a few weeks ago I was a little worried. For an old gal she had plenty of spunk and was really over-excited by him. But she seems to have already gotten over it and today has gone pleasantly well. :)

They do best walking around the yard playing a slow version of follow the leader.

She got a good chase in on Emile at about 4am, locked on to a bunny but I had a good grip on the leash, and took out a gate, but on the upside she is also tolerating the kennel well (apparently crating is new to her) which is a huge relief as I have to be gone at work during the day.

Nim likes to watch what she is up to from the distance and then decide if is worth going in and checking out.

Have a good Friday!


  1. Holly looks like a real sweetie. Glad she and Nim are getting along.


    1. She is! She has settled in much easier than I thought she was going to. Could be a long day, Emile has decided that it was his house first. At least he seems to be making her more nervous than anything.

  2. Holly looks like a sweetheart, and they look like they're getting along perfectly, well beside with the kitties it sounds like. I'm sure she'll enjoy her stay with you very much.