Monday, September 22, 2014

Sister Laptop...It Was a Good Run

I have been using my sister's HP Pavilion laptop for probably about 2 years now. It has got me through school and all the exam studying. Total lifesaver. Well finally last night I think it was done. I am grateful it waited until after the last tax test.

A couple of weeks ago we thought it was done because it wouldn't hold a charge anymore. This was an issue because the cord gets too hot when it is constantly plugged in. Then one day it started charging again and my sister and I did a little dance. This was also around the bad noise stage.

Well last night...this:

Nim blames Emile and Emile blames Nim. My sister and I had a moment of silence.

All I know is that I had it on its pillow/cookie rack set up (don't judge), I went into the kitchen, and then there was a crash and I came in to the laptop on the bed. It slide like 1/2 foot from the pillow/rack set up to the soft bed so I don't know if that was enough to cause this or if it was timing.

Meanwhile my bed light got more broken than it already was (that was the crash). And Emile and Nim both ran out the room.

Leela says it wasn't her.

So I am looking at both ACER laptops and chromebooks. The Chromebooks have my attention for sure. My desktop is also on borrowed time so I am trying to weigh what I need when. :)

It is a Monday folks.


  1. RIP Sister Laptop. Millie & Walter are sure it was Emile. The doggies have to stick together.

    1. The sad thing is, it probably was Emile. Sometimes he just goes nuts and he definitely was the one that hit the lamp. :)

  2. Sounds like your (sister's) laptop was ready to take a dump anyway. Had to laugh at the screen shot!