Sunday, November 16, 2014

Little Si Sunday and Meet Mickie (Charles)!

Nim made it pretty clear around 5am that if we didn't walk today that I wasn't getting peace to study, so around 10am we hit the Boulder Loop trail for a quick walk.

Talk about weird conditions. It was very cold air, but the sun would be warm in spots.

I suspect I looked similar to Nim because my lungs definitely had to adapt to the cold air quickly. It was also warmer the higher we went and cold again back at the parking lot.

I don't normally touch Little Si on a weekend, and today was more crowded than I prefer to hike, but it is a fast, nearby solution, to a pent up dog problem.

I studied a bit when we got home and then got the call I was waiting for! Meet Mickie! (or possibly Charles, I believe the name is in flux).

This cute boy is about a 1 year old and my friend Cindy is the lucky human that will share her life with him. He is on a trial visit with her right now, but based on what I saw, I would be surprised if they don't work out together.

Mickie (Charles) was taken in from Yakima (eastern WA) by a Snoqualmie area rescue called Three Rivers Rescue. WA state tends to get a lot of their rescues from the east side of the state. There is more of a free roaming dogs problem on the east side of the state and less resources towards management and spay/neuter. He is a cattle dog mix (one of my favorite breeds) and super cute, smart, and curious.

Nim was his usual self which means Mickie probably wondered what was wrong with him, but Nim played with his over sized pig while Mickie took in the environment. It didn't take too long for Mickie to want to be more engaged with Nim and Nim's fluffly. And who wouldn't want a long, over sized pig?

I am looking forward to hiking them together. 

I guess I better buckle down. I plan on taking a practice test tonight. Contain yourselves. :)


  1. Mickie is a cutie! Of course I think "Charlie" would be a better fit for a name than Charles. I love Nim's big pink stuffie.

    1. I think rescue might have been calling him Charlie too. :) Cindy walks another Charlie so this pup needed something different. Nim loves his big pink stuffie too.

  2. I can't wait to start hiking with you and Nim! It will be so nice to have a young dog that can really hike again.

  3. I love to hear about wonderful deserving dogs finding a great new home, hope it works out and Nim ends up with a new hiking pal, who knows maybe he will even eventually share the pigsnake thingy with him. Great pictures!