Monday, February 2, 2015

February is Here!

I am kind of glad to be leaving January. It wasn't one of my better Januarys. Maybe now the new year with new things can actually happen as we are into February.

Although for my first day of February, the car "died." Darn that thing. I swear that car has a 6th sense for every time I really need it to rally, like when I think I am going to be adding a bunch of seasonal tax work.

This time it was the radiator, hoses, and thermostat. Not only did it die on a Sunday, but it died on a Superbowl Sunday. Even Firestone (my own Sunday option as I limped off the freeway overheating was closing early for the game).

While my car is being work on, Nim has to settle with riding in my parent's truck which is always much melodrama as he doesn't have his system for where his head and behind goes.

In other news, Lent is coming! Regular readers know I love Lent and Easter. Even if apparently I cannot give up things like chocolate and peanut butter. I hope this year to feature charities again. I love doing that. Especially when I find someone new.

Have a great evening. 


  1. Ugh this thing never posts my comment the first time through!

    I can't believe your car. Hopefully this is it for the year.. knock on wood. Poor Nim! At least he's sleeping. Must be comfy enough :)

    Can you believe it's time for Lent already!? I'm excited to see what charities you feature.

    1. I know, that darn thing. It does have high miles though and has been put through a lot of commuting miles this last year.

      I am ready for Lent. :) But yes, amazing how time flies.

  2. Hope you got your car back! Thankfully you have your parents car to borrow. I'd have to carpool with hubby which would be WAY worse.

    1. :) I am lucky to have this option. I have rented from time to time too when I have been really stuck. I just need this car to hold on!