Saturday, January 31, 2015

January is Ending, Mouse in the House, and Slobber Ball video

I have really been missing my blogging! Too much going on these past weeks.

In the interest of studying I need to accomplish today, I will just post some highlights.

There has been snuggling. Lots of it.

Nim has not had enough exercise (which means neither have I). We have been driving each other nuts. On Wednesday we had some time to kill in Carnation and went to Tolt MacDonald Park. He was just the devil to walk.

Since our leash walking skills are marginal on a good day, they are terrible on a bad one. Not enough exercise and stimulation for the dog and not enough patience in the human = bad leash walking day.

So. I put him on the suspension bridge.

That always slows them down.

Yesterday (Friday) morning I woke up to a mouse situation. In January. We are having some strange warm weather.

I had too much work to do and couldn't really address the mouse until the evening. Emile stayed up all day maintaining vigil so I knew where it was at all times. He didn't even try to eat Nim's breakfast. Leela on the other hand slept all day and took charge of the situation that night.

Leela was the first one to catch the mouse. I don't know why my cats can't seem to kill anymore, but somehow Leela dropped the mouse and then Emile got it. Then Nim chased Emile with the mouse and Emile growled so deeply that Nim ran off to hide. The entire time the mouse just hangs there so you assume it is dead. It is not.

Finally Emile dropped the mouse, and it still wasn't dead so kept running back and forth around one barrier with Emile on one side and me on the other. Emile would pounce, I would pounce, Emile would pounce, I would pounce, and then finally I caught the darn thing...that didn't seem even remotely dead and released it outside. I am sure it will be back.

Everyone got Bonito flakes for their killing efforts and as an apology on my part for taking their mouse.

Getting back to our weird weather.

It was so nice on Friday that it was warm enough for me to work outside while Nim did some chewing. If he is willingly laying his delicate Doberman body on the grass in January, that tells you it was actually "warm."

I leave you on this Saturday with a very short YouTube of Nim and his Slobber Ball. He can squeak it for literally hours and amazingly I just tune it out. However with me filming he won't barely do it!

Nim and Slobber Ball

(PS. The show in the background is "Helix," a show that I don't even know where to begin to talk about. It is probably a good thing I don't have time to blog every day or you would probably have to listen to me talking about it. Which reminds me, I should look into season 2.)


  1. At least you're having the weird weather and can get outside and enjoy the least when you can. :)

    I would have freaked with a mouse in the house. The fur-kids did a good job rounding it up.

    Love Nim with his squeaky ball. That doesn't sound too annoying but I guess it would be after awhile.

    Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!!

    1. I wish I could say it was our only mouse in the house. But not close. So I have to deal with them. Sometimes I am really not in the mood. Catching them is hard and you really don't want them dying somewhere in the house because of the smell.

      As far is squeakies go it isn't bad at all! I kind don't even notice it sometimes.


  2. So, that's all he does with the Slobber Ball? Just lays there and squeaks it? :D

  3. Mickie shredded the Slobber Ball. Didn't last very long with him! Glad Nim likes his.

    1. I think Mickie is not the only one! Thankfully Nim just wants to hold it in his mouth. :)