Monday, November 9, 2015

Jubilee Farm CSA and Soup Making, Electric Blanket, and a Little Hike

As I type this, the cats are on the electric blanket. And Nim has now just kicked one off.

I told a friend of mine that I feel like I am trying to toughen up for winter. Some years I go into winter better than others. I thought I would be fully embracing this one after the summer we had. Not so much.

On the prettier days I bundle up and move the office outside.

Nim is also bundled up and given a bone. It takes him a long time to give up and lay on the ground with it if the grass is remotely damp.

Last week I got my first CSA of the fall season from Jubilee Farms. I have said many times on this blog that I will literally eat the same thing for days on end and not get tired of it. CSAs force me to vary my diet which is good for me.

A CSA is hard to do on your own without wasting anything. Even doing a 3/4 share I have to be dedicated. This box I have done poorly on because I have had to be out of the house so much this week and weekend. My first project was a variation on a Kuri Squash Curry recipe that came with it. Basically I did a soup.

The green tomatoes were fantastic. I think they give the soup a bit of a tang? I only had to buy the stock, coconut milk, and onion. Everything else came from the box and the soup came out amazing.

I bought our seasonal electric throw as well. Sometimes I can get a few years out of them...sometimes not.

I wonder why? :| Anyway, at night I am generally allowed to at least be under it, and then everyone takes their places.

Last Friday morning early I went up to Rattlesnake Lake and got a quick walk around the woods and lake (it is so low right now it is hard to call it a lake).

The stumps are very neat. I guess some people have been finding the foundations for the town that was once there because the lake has been so low this year. There were very loud and low flying birds on Friday morning for Nim's happiness.

Nim and I carried our morning walk with us for the rest of the day. :)


  1. Ha! My cats already have their electric blanket up and running too! They also keep trying to steal Mickie's snuggly soft Costco blanket.

  2. Can't you throw one of Nim's old beds on the ground?! Poor guy!

    1. Well, the sun did come out. :) I try and get rid of the old ones as quickly as I can because of the darn mice.

  3. I've always wished we had a CSA close by, because it sounds so healthy and eco-friendly and everything. But I never really considered the menu planning challenges it might bring. Sounds like you handle it pretty darn well!