Friday, October 23, 2015

Happy Friday! Arte and Nim Go For a Walk

Hello Friday! I have managed a full week of a new study schedule, found my latest dream location for the quilt shop/cafe I want to start, and continued to chip away on my October to do list...driveway gravel.

4 truckloads (1/2 yard each) of gravel to deal with the driveway. Perhaps there will be less complaining from visitors now. :)

This is Arte. Arte is the dog of my sister's friend and I wanted to get her and Nim together. The met once before and she let Nim know he is too big and rude. The timing was good to try again on neutral ground.

We got them out in nature and they did fabulous together. Nim is simply gigantic around her and I am sure that was slightly intimidating at first, but pretty quickly she wanted to know what he was up to and seemed completely fine with a new hiking partner.

We just were in the trails behind the Issaquah High school and up Tiger Mountain. I am in such a desperate need of a hike I wanted to go for hours, but we had limitations and the main goal was getting the pups out.

So cute. Nim only made a few noises and Arte wanted to know why.

This is their serious "on the hunt" look...

Hahahahaha. So thankful for Friday. So thankful I studied all week. And SOOOOO thankful for puppies. :)

Yard waste day (final one of the season) and pumpkin seed toasting are on the schedule for this weekend. Have a great one!


  1. Looks like Nim and Arte had a good time on their hike. Hopefully next time will be a longer one for you.

    1. They did. :) Arte tried to get Nim to play later in the house but Nim was confused. He just likes to "hang" not engage. No kidding. I am outside a lot right now, but not really hiking the way I want to.

  2. Arte didn't get to hear Nim's big dog noises? That would be an experience for him!

    1. Oh Nim did a few. :) He thankfully has toned it down since the long line came out of the mouth.