Friday, April 1, 2016

Blink and It's April!

March felt like it would never end and now it is over. For me, that also means the end of tax season on the horizon.

After days of endless rain the sun has been fantastic this week.

Things are blooming and I am looking forward to some gardening.

The cats could hardly contain themselves when the sun spot was big enough for both of them at the same time. No hissing involved.

It is nice to come home from work and have some daylight and sun for playing in the yard.

I am not an April Fool's prankster by nature, but this evening I was on my Mom's Netflix account and was trying to make sense of section after confusing section that started with "John Stamos..." I finally laughed. Well played Netflex. Well played.

1 comment:

  1. The Netflix one is very funny. Better than what Gmail did which only made users mad. Our weather has been pretty good lately but we are waiting for it to start to snow around here today. Could actually be measurable. Typical Rochester weather. :-(