Thursday, April 21, 2016

Summer In April Means Early Planting

Tax day has passed and I am starting to feel more myself. Nim has been enjoying the extra attention and we are having a bizarrely warm week, so he is getting a lot of outside time.

Arte has also been over a lot. On Tuesday she laid close and waited for her chance to steal Nim's bully stick. If you follow me on Instagram you know she got it.

Today she came out again to hang with Nim and keep him company while I planted my gardens.

I took my gift card to Squak Mt. Nursery and loaded up on EB Stone Organic Compost (which is probably my favorite one so far). If nothing else, it helps deal with my dense soil. Arte did a lot of supervising which looks suspiciously like judging, and Nim kept trying to sneak in and lick the Mulch...aka manure.

I have two new plants to try so far this season. One is a Mistletoe Kalette. I am beyond excited about this. A cross between a Brussels Sprout and Kale? Be still my beating heart. However. Since I don't bother to research my plants before I buy them it sounds like it might be a garden hog like the Brussels Sprout were. And I didn't even get any Brussels is that deal, just giant, shade producing leaves. I better get little Kalettes.

My youngest sister had interest in something called an Aloha Berry (White Carolina or Pineberry). I put it next to one of my strawberries from last year. Somehow I managed to not kill any of my strawberries over the winter so perhaps this plant has promise. It won't really fruit until the second year.

As always, I got some flower baskets going as well.

I want to expand one of my garden boxes which is probably not the best idea given my growing abilities, but it sure is fun trying. We have some rain coming in tonight which actually would be a good thing for all my planting!


  1. We are a few weeks away from planting any annuals. I hope you have success with all your plants this year and the animals don't eat them first.

  2. Thanks! The bunnies always do a bit of damage, but so far manageable. I haven't hung the baskets yet for the elk. You guys have had much later snow!