Saturday, May 7, 2016

North Fork, Sunday Lake Trail, and Moth Photobomb

Today I made a very last minute decision to head out the North Fork. It was so last minute that I actually left the house planning to go somewhere else but then I stopped for gas and changed my mind.

Nim had his head out the window most of the drive in, ears flapping...

I decided to get all the way back to FR 57 which is where the trail heads for Bare and Lennox are. I now know that road is currently closed. Hardly the first time, but it does add about 4 miles one way on either hike, which means those will be late summer/early fall hikes.

Then on the way back out I headed for the Sunday Lake trail head.

I knew there was no way I could cross the river and actually get to Sunday Lake this early in the season, but I was hopeful about the swamp. The swamp was deep and while I contemplated wadding, I decided to try the latest "boardwalk" which was far better than it usual is.

With that, the swamp was crossed and we were on our way!

I never get tired of this rock face. I think what was calming for me is that the North Fork really just hasn't changed much. It is an actively logged area, and that changes things, but other than that, much of the wilderness remains the same.

OK. I was SO excited about this photo:

My eye caught the moth as it went through the shot and I could sort of see on the camera screen that this photo might not be blurred beyond recognition, but once I got home and saw it in its full glory I couldn't be more pleased.

As expected, crossing the river wasn't an option for us at this time of year, but we had a fantastic hike there and back. On the way back we hit a VERY primitive trail that I have had my eye on before. We hiked it for awhile and then I gave up. I couldn't tell what direction the shooting was coming from and I hadn't brought any maps with me to get a sense where I was going. Another time.

I really generally avoid this area on the weekend and there was enough of the usual weekend weirdness going on back there that I wanted to keep us on task and out of trouble.

As you can see, the swamp is deeper than it appears. I am sure Nim probably ingested some tadpoles.

Check out these beautiful swamp lily pad flowers!

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