Sunday, October 2, 2016

Welcome Fall!

This has been the strangest summer. Perhaps because I haven't had as much hiking and outdoor time as normal, but it felt way to short. As long as this fall stays on the drier side, it is generally one of my favorite times of year and hopefully will help make up for a chaotic summer.

This was the view one morning getting ready for work.

I keep trying to work on my henna skills. After redecorating my legs over and over I decided to move on to other objects. Such as logs. Nim totally judged.

In the middle of October I will take my first real henna class.

Farming is going strong. That shift will also end in October. I was riding out on the tractor last week next to someone I hadn't worked with before. I finally found the word I was looking for in terms of farm shift work...endurance.

I have had some great veggies all summer long and definitely had some variety in my diet I wouldn't normally have. I will say that when I am in the grocery store now I no longer look at produce the same way. I know that somewhere there is someone, probably older than me, putting in far longer shifts to make that produce happen. It is humbling in a way.

My own gardens were kind of weak this year, but I did try something new with all the Coleus starts I get each year. I actually took the time to read up more on them and ended up planting them all around the bases of some trees. I really like how it looked. They are already starting to wilt with out cold mornings, but I enjoyed them during the summer.

Despite the cold nights and mornings, we are still getting some days of sun and sun babies. Everyone gets so demanding when they know the sun is outside. I get bossed around so much. :)

My Gunnera is still alive! I am going to be reading up on mulching and tarping this lovely. It should feel honored, I don't give my outside plants that much love.

Even the indoor plants are sort of on their own, thanks to the cats. But I did bring my Mother-in-law Tongue plant in for the cold weather. She is over 20 years old now. I am super attached to her, it is terrible. I am actually trying to plan a shelving system this winter complete with lighting to try and keep my plants safe from the cats. I have a lot to move in the house this winter.

At the end of  September I gave up and started up the pellet stove. Emile was maintaining a morning vigil anyway, and who am I to deny his happiness? Beside, the house gets smelly and damp as the cold mornings come in.

And yes. The beloved electric blanket is back in the rotation.

Have a great October!


  1. We are happy to welcome fall. With a record setting hottest summer I am almost looking forward to the snow and cold. Looks like the cats are happy with the use of the stove and blanket.

    1. You did have a nuts summer! You had the one like we had the summer prior. The kitties are so happy. :)