Saturday, July 30, 2016

Baby Bunnies on the Move

As of yesterday evening, babies were on the move. I could hear the mama and assumed she was in the nest but she was actually just outside it with them all upside down underneath her.

She is now always present too, although I don't always see her right away.

Meanwhile they are all over the place. I am guessing it will be another week before I mow. When they catch me looking at them some of them will charge for the nest and then I hear them all chattering.

Unfortunately for all of us I was up at midnight due to the heat, but I did also take that opportunity to send the owl packing again. She didn't go very far but as near I as I can tell, no casualties last night.

The bolder ones will prop up and stare at me.

Right now I want them to stay in the dog yard as they have more of a fighting chance in there, but bunnies will do what bunnies want. :)


  1. Such cute little things. I hope they don't eat anything you've planted this summer.

    1. They can have anything they want if it keeps them alive. :) The large white rabbits already did the most damage anyway.