Friday, August 31, 2007

Exploring gone bad

Yesterday the quilting doberman and I decided to investigate a new area of the North Fork. It was supposed to be a primarily road walk with maybe an abandoned trail if I got lucky.

Then I saw what I thought was a great waterfall. So up the hillside we started. The waterfall was actually very nice although very unstable around it making it difficult to get a photo. The hillside coming up to the waterfall had been thick with lots of fall and difficult and I thought I saw the road on my map above the waterfall so I figured it would be easier to keep going up rather than coming back down.

I was definitely wrong on two things:

One, where I thought the road was actually wasn't where it was. Instead, that clearing I saw was a very steep, slash field from logging. The road was much further above that.

Two, at the point of the waterfall it would have been much easier to have gone back down. Once I got to the slash field though, I was past a point of no return. Resulting in well over an hour of some of the worst hiking I have ever had to do. The quilting doberman was very cross with me and reminding me that for all the time I tell him he is not a kid anymore that I was really putting his body through a lot of work.

Once we did finally hit the road I was aiming for there was of course another beautiful waterfall that the quilting doberman could enjoy from the safety of the road. And he did.


  1. Oh. My. Gosh. You are making me even more homesick for that part of the country!!! I don't think there is one speck of land in my neck of the woods that looks anything even close to as beautiful as that!

  2. I have to admit; despite the pain, it really was very beautiful...