Saturday, September 1, 2007


Right now I am working on two of the largest quilts I have done so far. These aren't the only two quilts I am working on at once; they are simply the largest two. The one pictured with the quilting doberman is called "Winter Garden" and the pattern comes from the January/February 2004 issue of the Quilters Newsletter Magazine. The block is the Shoo-Fly block. Ironically it is considered an easy pattern; but between the large size and all the cutting I am about to start for the borders (there are 2 of them) it is time-intensive.

Last night one of my knitting patterns came to an abrupt end when I ran out of yarn (I didn't entirely panic as I did have several other unfinished projects to work on; however this is a baby gift and regardless of how large I knit they aren't babies forever). After several phone calls today I have come to find out that the yarn I ran out of is also discontinued - long ago discontinued from the sounds of it. I KNEW buying no more new yarn until I significantly dented my existing stock was a bad idea.

Speaking of yarn, if you haven't visited the Yarn Harlot's blog recently it is well worth it for August 28th post about washing fleece. And why is it worth visiting? Well for the "squirrel deterrent system." I really laughed. What I didn't realize until it was explained to me is that this squirrel is a regular nuisance in her fiber life...

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  1. Yarn Harlot's squirrel story was great, as was her photos. The comments were pretty good too.

    The photos of the fleece getting clean was somewhat alarming in how disgustingly dirty the water was. Ick. :)