Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Dump

So everything else that didn't fit in the Wagners Bridge post gets dumped into here. :)

The young deer have really been out in the yard right now. Can you see the eyes in the window? That is a deer slowly advancing on the window because it is has spotted Rescue kitten:

At the end of March we had a freak snow storm that I decided not to blog about because I wanted to pretend it never happened. But there were some funny photos of the cats from it. It was confusing for all the birds apparently because the next morning they were really playing in it outside the window:

Then at the end of April I ended up watching another Shepherd; not to be confused with the one at the end of 2007. The quilting doberman would like to pretend that never happened either. This Shepherd is a 10 month old "puppy." Photo taken on the east Tiger road during an extensive hike in a sorry attempt to wear the "puppy" out:

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