Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Wagners Bridge

I have about given up all hope that spring/summer is ever coming. I think actually we are planning to skip spring and go straight to summer. However, yesterday it was overcast and not too cold so I wanted to see the progress on the Wagners Bridge out on the North Fork. To read more about the project and see a photo of the original bridge click here. I was sort of sad to see the original bridge go. I think the last session of serious storms and flooding we had out here was finally more than the bridge could handle and it wasn't very stable anymore.

They started this project last summer and it has been somewhat of a personal hiking nightmare as it managed to close off several areas that I love in the summer; including Sunday Creek which is pretty much only manageable in the summer due to a large swamp and the river crossing.

View from Wagners Bridge:

Anyway, since I couldn't drive the bridge I parked and walked it and then started out a road that is just past it.

Despite being a photo of clear cutting I actually really like the tree that remains:

This is on a bridge over the Calligan Creek:

This is also the time I wish I had brought my map because then at least I could have attempted to locate the Calligan Lake but really it is such a mess of roads that I had no idea where I was going and I just sort of wandered. It was a nice day and it didn't rain.

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