Thursday, July 14, 2011


Clearly I brought this computer to blog instead of homework. That is Nim standing stone still in a full fenced acre. I have a series of photos like this because he would not move. He is standing still because he is too overstimulated to move.

Tonight my friend comes in with her more mature lab. I am hoping he will move more with another dog to run with and we can explore more of the acreage. This is an amazing property.

So. I decided we would take the few hours I was supposed to do homework in and go into downtown Jacksonville.

I really liked this well. They had a plastic bubble over it to keep the garbage out and presumably to protect the stone.

Nim has dropped all but basic obedience so far on this trip. His leash walking has been really a challenge which is frustrating for both of us. Since he spends most of his time with his ears back or scanning around I know that this is just the stage we are at and we will move through it.

His current favorite place to be is the trailer. I am guessing he will sleep better tonight.

Downtown Jacksonville didn't seem all that large. At least not the historic part. We did try and look in the windows of the rectory, but I think they were doing repair.

The main street set up looks like a frontier town.

And most of it wasn't even open yet. Nothing seemed to open until 10am or later.

Meanwhile back home, Rusty seems to think that my sister's house is where he has lived his entire life.


  1. So, the Rays of Heaven shine down on the Catholic Church?

  2. Nim looks like he is posing for a dog show, in the pic of him in the field. :)

  3. I like the "Rays of Heaven". Very nice effect.