Monday, November 12, 2012

Quilt Progress (give me strength)

I had every intention of finishing the quilt this weekend (totally doable) but my schedule ended up completely off and I didn't get it done.

At least I did have some time at home to make progress. My first attempt at the full quilting process in the general living area with cats nearby  has proven to be at times frustrating and at times funny.

Everything sewing related has become an obstacle to steal (LOTS of theft going on), chew, jump, or hide in.

The measuring tape is a hot item. I rescued it from Leela (who used to drag a stuffed hippo that was larger than herself around the house and stash it), only to watch it immediately start to disappear off another corner of the table.

I looked over the edge table...yup, Emile.

Other hot item: the scissors. Perhaps Emile will lose those last pounds in exercise.

Leela is always present. She has no problem being in my space and taking what she wants. Emile is stealth attack.

Leela enticing Emile for an attack:

The above photo was followed by some jumping and hissing.

Leela supervises my every move while contemplating what she is going to touch or take next.

She also has this roll technique to get under the cardboard:

Regardless if I have something carefully laid out on the cardboard.

Leela also invited Nim to get on there with her which he had no problem doing. She can get a really fast scamper/spin going on the smooth coated cardboard which is attractive to both Nim and Emile and sends anything on the board flying. Grrr!

Despite a ton of interruptions that were either too blurry to post or too fast to capture the top is done. I should be sandwiching later this morning and getting the quilting going.

It is dark, rainy, and cold out here. Have a great week!


  1. awww, too cute, i think ur kitties enjoy the quilt making process, or at least the supplies, as much as u do!! hehe. i'm a horrible seamstress so my hat is off to's looking beautiful!

    1. Thanks Caitlin! I looked at your site and you can draw...which I definitely can't do. I think you would be more able to learn to sew than I would be able to learn to draw. :)

  2. You have way more patience than I, but it gives me incentive to try sewing again with 2 cats and 2 dogs helping :D
    I love the quilt! The colors are great!

    1. Trust me, there has been some yelling. :)

      It just makes everything more challenging and I haven't quite figure out how to work in this space yet.

      I think the colors are great on this one too. It is a very happy quilt.

  3. I love the way your cats "help" with your quilting and sewing.


    1. Thanks Cindy. Sometimes they are frustratingly in the way, but they are fun little housemates. :)

  4. I hear you about the frustration. I've tried to laugh more about my frustrations which really seems to help. At least they're all enjoying themselves, lol.

  5. lol!! Your cats are too cute. I bet that can be frustrating though!