Sunday, November 4, 2012

Tova Shirt Completed

Finally the Tova shirt is complete. I really enjoyed the support and suggestions from verykerryberry, it made me wish I had found her site at the start of the sew-a-long so I could have participated. The instructions are very clear but I so rarely make clothing that following those instructions does not come easy to me.

I really like the finished result, however I think I will go a size up next time.

While the sizing was based on the bust, it is actually my broad shoulders and back that fill in this shirt, and I know better. Fitting my shoulders in women's commercial cuts is right up there with my long torso as a problem areas.

Since I don't know enough about altering, going a size up is about the only option I have. The shirt fits, but I don't like it tight across the upper back and that is where I feel it.

With Tova done I am free to start another project much to the cats' delight (I hope we all survive my sewing area + cats).

I was ironing and cutting fabric while watching Kathy Sdao dog training video (which is completely inspiring) and I kept feeling this pulling below me.

Once I stepped away from the ironing board the full battle was on.

Nim slept through all the commotion.

Have a gentle Sunday. I am more than ready for a new week...


  1. Yeah...good luck with the cat battle. I can guess who will end up winning that one!
    Congratulations on finishing the shirt. It looks really nice. I find my shoulders can be an issue when I want to find a more fitted blazer...I hate the "can't move my arms" feeling.

    1. Yes, the cats always win. :) Now between the two of them...

      Sometimes I try on women's cuts and seriously I wonder who the models are. It is amazing, and I agree, that tight feeling is super uncomfortable.

  2. Cute shirt girl!!! Great job! I can't even sew on a button!

    1. Thanks! It is absolutely never too late to learn. I would guess you could have a real creative streak to you. :)