Monday, August 5, 2013

Catching Up

There was no resting this weekend, except for Nim. I am in a homework marathon stretch.

My friend told me Nim looked tired on Thursday and after Friday's obedience class in which he was sleeping in his crate while other dogs worked (unheard of) I realized he probably is in sorry shape thanks to my stress level, so I let him sleep in Saturday morning.

I was up at 5:30 and he finally slithered out at 8:30am. Ate. Went back to bed for a several hour mid-morning nap. I have been paying for his renewed energy level ever since.

On Sunday the elk finally reappeared and went on a 3 hour feeding and migration frenzy. They seem to have sub-groups so at any given time there will be different packs in my yard. The biggest one currently being the babies and cows (about 7). I haven't seen them since the fire so I was thrilled to have them back.

I am almost positive I know which baby did this:

Because Nim is feeling so fabulous after his restful weekend he was a flat out nightmare today. Mondays are tight days for me and I have no time for him which means he will make me make time for him.

Finally at high noon and in the direct sun we were outside for homework and yard running.The only reason he is tired right now is because we are having a hot day.

To finish out this crazy day, Pascal got his little foot trapped by his flat cooling stone! I actually wouldn't have known it happened except I heard the stone slide and watched him hop strange away from it. I have never dealt with a little chinchilla toe bleeding and then he wouldn't put weight on it so I had to call the vet.

This is still his sleeping time so he wasn't loving being handled. Overall he seems fine. I just have to reassess tomorrow AM and decide if I want to mess with an antibiotic.

Hope everyone else is well! This is my final week of homework, Julie Flanery workshop on the weekend, and then finals next week!


  1. You're such a good mom to take your computer outside so Nim can play. I love the umbrella. Poor little Pascal. I hope his foot is okay.

    I googled Julie Flanery and I can't wait to hear about the workshop. Does Nim get to go with you? I'm looking forward to seeing your dance moves together. ;-)


    1. I thought the umbrella was pretty smart! It totally worked too.

      I hope his foot is OK too. It is near the "nail bed" of one toe (they don't really have traditional nails). He seems to be doing well, but sick of me checking.

      Thanks! Nim does go with me and I am super looking forward to it, it just puts extra stress on the week because homework due this weekend basically has to be done by Friday.

  2. Replies
    1. I know. He is getting handled several times a day right now so I can monitor his little toe. He doesn't much like me right now.

  3. I'm glad you're on the home stretch with school! Sounds like your pushing yourself.

    I'm glad Nim is feeling better. It sure looks like you're having some sunny day there! I feel so bad for Pascal. I sure hope he's feeling better now and you didn't have to give him anything. He really is cute!

    Hope you have a great weekend!!