Friday, August 16, 2013

Finished Quilt and Trying to Salvage a Garden

Wednesday late morning I turned over the trapped kitty to rescue. Considering she was in my house for all of 12 hours, it was still pretty hard on me. I tried to keep my mind off her by baking for the rest of the day.

Thursday morning I woke up and saw a squirrel digging around in Nim's garden and knew that my 2 week seriously neglected garden was on the agenda.

I have 4 tomato plants and have grown like 7 tomatoes in total. Rats. Since I apparently can grow the tomato plants just fine I am assuming this comes down to an issue of sun. I think Nim's garden needs to be moved eventually too.

So I heavily pruned the tomato plants in a final season effort to ripen the few tomatoes I have.

In the process I found a cucumber. It isn't that I didn't know the cucumber plants were in there, I just didn't realize it had climbed up a tomato. Maybe it will ripen too.

One of my 4 types of pepper plants is actually thriving. The other three are struggling. The bossiest plant in the garden?...

...Brussels is thy name. Sheesh. Who know some that results in a tall stalk of basically tight balls was such a garden hog?! One pepper plant I have had to sacrifice. Between the Brussels and the Borage that plant doesn't have a prayer.

I planted the Borage because it is suppose to have this special relationship with cucumbers. Well I need to research that relationship better because right now the Borage is drowning the cucumber.

Nim has been exceptionally attached and attentive this week. I am not sure if it is because the week has been so hard on me or if it is because our weekend long workshop was such a good experience for him.

After battling the garden for awhile the "rain" (more like a light drizzle) came in and I switched to quilting.

Since getting the Baby Lock in February, this was my first real attempt at free motion. What really surprised me was that I preferred the closed foot over the open one. I have to think about that.

See the furry black quilt back? It is actually fairly thick and thankfully I had the presence of mind to attempt a quilt without any batting because this thing was a thick beast!

I am just glad because it is fuzzy it hides my stitches well.

Overall quilting went well. I think some of the issues were more related to the backing. I am definitely learning the feel and speed of a new machine. It was so nice to have the longer neck!

Have a good Friday!


  1. I love Nim's twitching nose! :D Perhaps he was hooping rescue kitty had come to stay :)

    1. He is really good with that nose wiggle. It cracks me up. I didn't catch Odin doing that like I catch Nim. I think he was really intrigued by rescue kitty. Especially given her utter dislike of him.

  2. He would have won her over, I am confident!

  3. That plant looks like it's eating Nim too, it's huge! He's such a cutie!

    Your quilt turned out beautiful! It looks very, very comfy!

    I understand about getting attached to the kitty. I only transported that one Doberman (about and hour and a half) and I felt an attachment. Maybe because they are grateful for your company and love for them. Do you plan on keeping tabs on the kitty?

    1. He was "helping." :)

      I am such a foster/rescue failure. I think for me it is also pouring my energy into their care. I am not sure if I will be able to keep tabs on her or not. I think she still isn't listed (they have to test and vaccinate her, etc.).