Thursday, August 29, 2013

Summer Rain

Since today's rain storm happened in August I figure we will still call it summer rain. The reality is, fall is coming and I have mixed feelings about it.

This week Nim got some used toys from other dogs. This snake just cracks me up. He seems to use it like a body pillow.

The Dog Tornado we are borrowing and he really likes this one. I am not sure if it is because we do so many food dispensing games or not, but he figured this one out super quick. It rained so hard today that food toys were used frequently to get some activity.

I decided to work on another quilt in the pile on this rainy day. It was that or clean the refrigerator, which still desperately needs to be cleaned, but my quilt pile is also becoming a desperate mess of another sort.

This time I remembered to attach the table which I completely forgot with the last quilt. I just don't think about using it after using a standard machine so long. It is taking some getting used to. I drop my elbows normally and with this attachment I really can't. I also would like to kneel on the chair but that doesn't work with the pedal.

I have had just a series of issues this time around. Mostly I think because I needed to clean all the fuzz out of the bobbin area after the last quilt. Several tangles, broken threads, and skipped stitches later I finally took everything apart and cleaned it out and it is running much better now.

Check out Leela's new "spot." Lucky me. And yes, she is there while I am sewing. I guess I should be grateful it is not Emile who is a foot biter.


  1. Maybe Leela was worried that your foot might get cold. I don't know about you, but I always sew with no shoes. I like to have a good feel of the foot pedal.

    We've been stuck with hot sticky weather so the pups have been mostly entertaining themselves by running around the house, wrestling, and playing bitey face.


    1. I am either in socks or barefooted too. :) She is just busy. She likes to peep at me too if I touch her to push her.

      For us this humidity is pretty unusual. It is pretty rough on the people and the pups. Your two can definitely entertain themselves. :)

  2. I was super glad to see this rain, but if it would just cool down at night. The humidity is tiring.
    I've been trying to get to my sewing all week, sigh :(

    1. It has been really warm at night! It was even kind of fun sewing in the storm yesterday with all the windows open. Hopefully you get to sew soon.

  3. Nim looks so cute on his snake. He's one smart boy, for sure!

    Dang, I think of Close Encounters of the Third Kind when I see your sewing machine all lit up!

    That's funny Emile is a foot biter!

    1. I know. That machine photographs really funny because of the screen. :)