Tuesday, February 11, 2014

2014 Mystery Quilt Sandwich and Pin

Sunday I finally dealt with the sandwiching and pinning of the Mystery Quilt. I have really been putting this off. The quilt is SO large and I just don't have the house space.

I had an unpleasant amount of help. Not innocent Leela. No, she just watched.

Emile tries to look innocent, but he definitely is not.

I could hardly pin fast enough. I would hear the growl.

Rapid galloping.

And then this. Because of the size of the quilt I swear he would nail the side farthest away from where I was actively pinning. so I couldn't catch him.

I am now well into quilting. I still can't believe how big this quilt is!


  1. Basting is my least favorite thing about quilting. Sure wish I could afford that longarm. Then you don't have to baste. Looks like Emile was having a grand time "helping".


    1. I agree with you on basting. It is a pain in the knees and the back too. Emile was having a great time. :)

      Hope your hand is getting better! Sam

  2. Emile is quite the character. I love his coloring! The quilt looks beautiful!

    1. He is a pretty cat. He was trapped in the sticker bushes with a broken jaw and really underweight. He definitely made up for it as he grew.

      Thanks! I hope to finish it this weekend.