Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Quilting Never Ends...(and neither does the cooking): Cabbage Casserole and Broccoli Peanut Soup

So today I was looking at the back of my quilting work to assess how things were going and discovered this:

I have managed to quilt one of my knitting projects into the back. There is just not enough room for this quilt!

I am anxious to get it done too because I pretty much spend every day chasing the cats out of the tunnels they have burrowed into it while on the machine.

That would be the indignant look of Leela after she retreated back to her dog when I chased her off the quilt. Again.

My CSA box on Wednesday included more cabbage, a shocking amount of broccoli and more carrots. There were other things as well, but these three items were the focus of tonight's cooking.

The Broccoli, Apple, and Peanut Soup recipe is from "Vegan Soups and Hearty Stews for All Seasons." This is a great soup. I highly recommend it. I omitted the apples and more than doubled the carrots. Basically I needed to use up some carrots in a serious way.

The second dish is a Vegan Cheesy Rice and Cabbage Casserole recipe. I was beyond desperate to burn through cabbage in new and exciting ways besides variations on coleslaw and cabbage soup. 

The casserole is ugly and as a general rule photographing anything involving vegan cheese is best avoided but otherwise this is a good recipe. I had eaten such an alarming amount of soup by the time it was done that I wasn't able to do much more than taste it, but it is going to be great leftovers.

The biggest changes I made was the omission of the vegan sausage and the bread crumbs. I already have big plans to get good bread tomorrow that I want on the side, not in the casserole, and the vegan sausage...well...I try not to go too crazy with the vegan processed foods if I can avoid it. The Daiya vegan cheese was more than enough.

I didn't even know they made 8oz cans of fire roasted tomatoes but I used a full 14.5oz as that was all I could find and it wasn't too much. I think any less than that would have actually been too little. 

I am hoping maybe we get a cabbage break next week. I am still sitting on a full head of it! I am seriously considering shredding it up and freezing it for later.


  1. That first picture of the yarn embedded into the quilting, cracked me up. We've all been there!

    1. I know. I did laugh and get annoyed at the same time.

  2. I hope you don't have to pick out too many stitches to remove the yarn from the quilt. Leela does look a bit annoyed in that picture. Low fat cheese is bad enough I can't imagine what vegan cheese is like. LOL! I love how you say it was a shocking amount of broccoli.


    1. She was super annoyed! She makes this noise at me and then ran over to her dog!

      You know it has been so long (15+ years) since I have had real cheese I don't really know, but it isn't that great. It isn't like you just sit down and eat a block of vegan cheese, except for that special stuff I got around the!

      I had only seen part of the broccoli in the box until I opened the other flap. :) Fortunately I love broccoli and that soup is amazing!

  3. The cats have to have something to crawl into. Good luck finishing.

    Please stop posting food pics. You're making me so hungry!