Thursday, February 6, 2014


Here we are in February and as begrudgingly expected we are in another freeze. I don't know how other states handle weeks of this below freezing stuff.

Earlier in the week Nim went to Aquadog Spa and had a swim. It had been awhile but he remember the routine. This is the only environment he plays fetch reliably by the way. We tried out a life vest on him this time. The theory being that perhaps with some buoyancy help he might swim a bit less crazy. I am beginning to think that really we just have to wait until he about 10 years old or so.

Today I dragged my wimpy self outside and hiked. Basically Nim was driving me nuts from too much time in the house. My house is kind of a crazy making place for me as well. I have one faucet that is dead until I get a plumber on Monday and once again, some of my pipes are frozen. I figured we both needed a break from the house.

This was a double jacket hike for Nim. It was so painfully cold. Hard on the face and hard on the lungs.

His "Back on Track" jacket is the black one over the purple fleece. I really can't say enough good things about the "Back on Track" jacket. This is the first time I have ever hiked him in it and it did really well. Because it hangs more like a blanket I think it helped provide more warmth and protection to his legs.

Also because of how it hangs I had to eventually bustle it when I sense he was on a poop walk.

He has absolutely no shame and walked for quite awhile with his jacket bustled until he could find his ultimate pooping spot. Anyone that has walked with us knows how extensive the poop walk process is.

We are supposed to go over freezing this weekend...I can't wait!


  1. I wish we had an affordable place for the dogs to swim near us. Nim looks like he was having fun. I am all too familiar with poop walks even in our backyard! Some of ours have been quick but others (Millie) have to sniff every corner of the yard twice before picking a spot. We are heading into negative wind chills for the next day or two, but never have to worry about frozen plumbing. I hope you get your water flowing soon.


    1. Nim really does like it. And because of the weather it is a good exercise outlet. I am glad you hear you experience the poop walk process. He is my most fickle dog by far.

      I really don't know how you do the persistent below freezing like this! I do think a lot of the east coast/mid-west houses are better prepared, but still it is hard to be that cold all the time.


  2. He looks so happy swimming. I've never seen mine swim. I wonder if there are any places I could take mine besides the beach. I'll have to check on that. I'd probably laugh so hard watching mine.

    I love Nim's little bum!

    1. You know at some level I think Nim does enjoy it. He likes Cindy and he likes the attention. I think it is hard for him to relax more in the water. Both Cindy and I watch him for bloat because he pants so hard and he sucks on the toy and takes in a lot of water. He wouldn't set foot in the ocean. By the end of our road trip a couple of years ago he was only just starting to get playful with the edge of the tides as they came in.

      He does have a cute rear end. Sam