Sunday, July 20, 2014

Old Dog Haven Walk for Old Dogs 2014

Prepare yourself for an avalanche of photos. The Old Haven Walk For Old Dogs never disappoints.

But first, a quick photo of Nim's eye injury from working this morning. Thankfully below the actual eyeball.

And now, back to the dog walk! I love their bags. I have all three years now. They are super strong and people often comment on the artwork.

Today was our first "cool" day in over a week. It even threatened to rain a bit. Perfect for old dogs on a walk. As you can see, Bellevue Park added new sculptures. The tents for the Walk for Old Dogs event are in the background.

I spent more time in the tents this year. Some I wish I had gone back to.

Nim got a fluffy and a goody bag from the Community Cat Coalition. What is interesting about this organization is that it is a coalition of several other rescue groups in the area which probably works to their favor. The feral/roaming cat situation in this area is a big problem and this coalition promotes the Trap-Neuter-Return program in the area. When I took in Leela and her siblings as babies the deal was the family had to trap the feral mama (who had already had at least one litter they knew of), fix her, and release her back on their property. Last I heard she continued to have a long life and they kept her fed and safe. She wasn't initially their cat, but they took responsibility for her and ended her cycle of reproduction.

On to the dogs!

They had such a great turnout this year! I want to thank the people that sponsored me specifically and supported the cause in general.

The parade of dogs took over the entire park! This guy in the wheel chair is almost 13.

This pup was trying to will Nim to bring that toy over.

Someone thinks if he walks fast enough he will not have to go back in the stroller.

Buddies hanging together.

Resting by his stroller.

Someone has a cookie.

Guess who was making the noise this year.

Cruella de Vil costume presumably for the Owner Lookalike contest.

Nim all grown up. 3rd year with the old dogs. :)

The pugs knew how to live it up.

My mom came with Maggie. After we participated in the walk Maggie did some Nose Work training on the edges of the park. Talk about training with distractions! She did well.

Nim and Maggie were both so darn tired by the end.

Nim barely made it out of the parking lot before he was sound asleep.

I hope you enjoyed just a fraction of the photos featuring some of the beautiful dogs from today. 

Big thank you to everyone that came and for Old Dog Haven for running this event. I could just sit there for hours and watch the dog antics.


  1. Looks like everyone had a great time. Poor Nim with the eye boo boo though. Doesn't look like it's too bad.

    1. It isn't. It is small but deep. My only concern is that there is a thorn in there, but he wants me to leave it alone. :) The walk was wonderful!

  2. Thanks for posting the Dalmatian photos for me! :)

    1. Of course! I think all of your special guys have really taught me a lot more about the breed. I definitely am more drawn to them now.

  3. What great pictures! Loved them all! I'm sure Nim had a really great time too.