Saturday, July 19, 2014

Tired Saturday and Baby Deer

What a long and hot week! Today it feels like finally (at almost 5pm) it might cool off a bit. I think all I did this week is sweat. And sadly the majority of the time I was behind a computer working or studying.

Gardens are in high bloom right now with the heat. What little I have left alive I have been watering morning and night.

Even Nim seems tired today. He had a bath to get ready for the Old Dog Haven Dog Walk tomorrow in Bellevue! I can't wait to see the group. It would be nice if it isn't too hot for everyone.

It is baby season out here. Baby elk, baby snakes, baby bunnies (gosh do I have a lot of bunnies) and today, baby deer.

She either has twins or acquired a second one.

It was hard to get really good photos. I have to stay pretty far away from them and my neighbor is on a 5+ day tractor running binge and they don't like all the noise.

I wasn't able to switch fast enough to record, but there was some metal tractor noise and they bolted. It was incredibly cute to see them bouncing side by side with mom rushing to keep up.


  1. While you are having your heat wave we have had a cool down this past week. Thanks for sharing the pictures of the twins too.

    1. It FINALLY rained last night. Even I was happy to see it and I don't get excited about rain much.

  2. The deer are so cute! Sure hope you're having fun on your walk today! Gooo Nim! :)

    1. We did! We will post on that later. I have been awaiting an update on your new kitties! Sam